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Philodendron 'Jose Buono'

Philodendron 'Jose Buono'

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No two Jose Buono’s are exactly alike, which is one of the things we love about them! Large, elongated, spade-shaped leaves are spackled in a variety of colors: sometimes white, cream, lime green, or yellow. The variegated pattern differs too. Each leaf will keep you guessing! The best part: even though it’s rare and sought after, the Jose Buono Philodendron is easy to take care of!

  • FAQ about Jose Buono Philodendrons:
    • How do you propagate a Philodendron ‘Jose Buono’?
      • You can propagate your Jose Buono Philodendron with stem cuttings. The best time? Early to late summer. How do you do it? Read our blog for step-by-step instructions. Jose Buono’s are relatively slow growers, so don’t expect to take stem cuttings very frequently. To boost your growth, fertilize your plant with an organic, slow-release fertilizer three times during the growing season.
    • What are the origins of the Philodendron ‘Jose Buono’?
      • That’s a good question! Nobody knows exactly. Is it a cultivar or a hybrid? Nobody knows that either. This plant is surrounded by plenty of mystery, which makes it all the more tempting!
    • What comes in the box? 
      • One Philodendron 'Jose Buono' in an 8" grow pot. Ceramic planter sold separately.