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Ficus elastica 'Tineke' Variegated

Ficus elastica 'Tineke' Variegated

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4" Grow Pot - Black
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Ficus elastica 'tineke rubber tree’' is a species of plant in the Moraceae family. It’s known as the 'the rubber plant' because of its sticky latex sap that dries into a low quality rubber. New growth on this tree will have beautiful pink, green, and yellow variegated leaves. Some people describe the pattern on each leave as “blended watercolors.”

    FAQ about Ficus elastica ‘Tineke’ Variegated:
    • How fast does a Tineke rubber tree grow? The Ficus elastica ‘Tineke’ Variegated is a quickly growing species, a rubber tree has the potential to gain 24 inches in height during a growing season.
    • Do Tineke rubber trees need direct sunlight? Tineke rubber trees like to be in soil with a good amount of moisture, so avoid placing it somewhere drying, such as near a drafty window, vent, heater, or in direct sunlight. Bright, indirect light is ideal for growing any rubber tree.
    • Do Tineke rubber trees like to be root bound? Tineke rubber trees do not like to be root bound. When a rubber tree is root bound, it is prone to stunted growth, droopy leaves, and lack of oxygen and water supply in the plant leading to various other issues.
    • Can you propagate a Tineke rubber tree? Tineke rubber trees can be readily propagated by stem or leaf cuttings. They are very easy plants to grow and have a high rate of propagating success.
    • What comes in the box? One Ficus elastica 'Tineke' Variegated' in a 6" grow pot. Ceramic planter sold separately.