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Cutting of Philodendron 'Ring of Fire'

Cutting of Philodendron 'Ring of Fire'

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As a rare Philodendron, the Ring of Fire is on the top of a lot of wish lists! What makes it so remarkable? Long, green, serrated leaves are kissed by surprising splashes of yellow and lime green. This multi-colored variegation means that the Philodendron Ring of Fire plant requires more light than other lookalikes, such as the Jungle Boogie. Aside from that, this is a no-fuss exotic plant!

  • FAQ about Philodendron Ring of Fire Plant:
    • What’s the Philodendron Ring of Fire’s scientific name?
      • Like many other hybrids, the Philodendron Ring of Fire doesn’t have a fancy-sounding scientific name. It’s just… the Philodendron ‘Ring of Fire’, previously known as Philodendron Henderson’s Pride.
    • What’s the difference between the Philodendron Tiger Tooth vs. Ring of Fire?
      • The main difference can be spotted in the coloration. The Philodendron Tiger Tooth (aka Jungle Boogie, Narrow) is plain green. On the other hand, the Philodendron Ring of Fire plant has unpredictable patches of yellow, orange, and red!
    • What comes in the box? 
      • One Philodendron 'Ring of Fire' cutting. Ceramic planter sold separately. 

Please note: 

This is for an unrooted cutting. If you have questions about how to care for your plant, please reach out to us at and we will guide you throughout your plant journey.

If unrooted cuttings are unavailable, rooted cuttings in soil will be provided. 

These pictures are representative and specific cuttings may no longer be available. If you would like to choose a specific cutting, please contact us at and we will be happy to show you our available cuttings.