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Calathea elliptica 'Vittata'

Calathea elliptica 'Vittata'

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6" Grow Pot - Black
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Calathea Elliptica ‘Vittata’ has plenty to offer: perky green leaves, chunky white pinstripes, and elongated (slightly pointed) leaves. Unlike other stripy Calatheas, the ‘Vittata’ has green leaves, front and back, keeping everyone’s attention fixed on its racing stripes. As a Prayer Plant family member, the Calathea ‘Vittata’ requires medium care. A bonus? Its leaves will rise in the evening, waving goodbye for the day, and lower them with the sunlight.

  • FAQ about Calathea Vittata Care:
    • How big does the Calathea Vittata grow?
      • At full maturity, your plant will reach 24-26 inches tall and wide.
    • What is the difference between the Calathea Vittata and Calathea White Star?
      • The Calathea Vittata has a fully light-green leaf (front and back) and white pinstripes. The Calathea White Star has a slightly darker base color, dark purple undersides, and white-and-pink stripes, which turn all-white once the leaf reaches maturity.
    • Can you overwater a Calathea Vittata?
      • Absolutely! Every plant can be overwatered, which is the #1 reason for plant failures. How can you take care of your Calathea Vittata? Don’t stick to a strict schedule. Instead, water your plant during the growing season when the topsoil is crumbly but cool to the touch. Allow the first ¼ inch to dry out during the winter months.
    • What does an overwatered Calathea look like?
      • Calatheas that have received too much water will start to yellow and droop. There will likely be an abundance of fungus gnats in and around the pot and (in extreme cases) a foul odor from root rot.
    • What comes in the box?
      • One Calathea elliptica 'Vittata' in a 6" grow pot. Ceramic planter sold separately.