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Calathea ornata 'Pinstripe Calathea'

Calathea ornata 'Pinstripe Calathea'

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This plant is a perfect candidate for #OnWednesdayWeWearPink. Dark, glossy (almost black) leaves are complimented by pink brushstroke stripes. As a Prayer Plant family member, the Pinstripe Plant requires medium care and moves its leaves up-and-down, depending on the sun. This plant goes great on its own, or pair it with Anthurium and Monstera adansonii for a fun play on patterns and texture!

  • FAQ about Pinstripe Plant Care:
    • Why is my Pinstripe Plant’s leaves curling?
      • Curling leaves is a sign that your Pinstripe Plant is severely dehydrated. To remedy the situation, rehydrate the soil by bottom watering your plant.
    • How to take care of a Pinstripe Calathea Plant?
      • Humidity is extremely important to care for your Pinstripe Plant. Place this plant in the most humid area of your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or next to a humidifier. Remember to water when the topsoil is crumbly but cool. Keep your plant away from all heating and A/C vents.
    • Why is my Calathea Ornata dying?
      • Overwatering is the number one culprit for plant deaths, so examine your watering routine. While Calathea Ornatas do enjoy staying ‘evenly moist,’ keeping constantly soggy soil will make them die. Improper soil will contribute to ‘overwatering,’ even if you don’t water frequently. Make sure to plant your Calathea Ornata in a well-draining, moisture-retaining mixture: straight, traditional potting mix won’t do. Instead, use two parts potting mix, one part Orchid bark, and one part perlite.
    • How often should I water my Calathea Ornata?
      • No plant does well on a rigid watering schedule (i.e. once a week, biweekly, etc.). Instead, you should water your Calathea Ornata only when it exhibits signs of being thirsty: the topsoil should slightly dry out. During dormancy, water even less frequently than you would during the Spring-Summer.
    • What comes in the box?
      • One Calathea ornata 'Pinstripe Calathea' in a 6" grow pot. Ceramic planter sold separately.