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Alocasia 'Tyrion'

Alocasia 'Tyrion'

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10" Grow Pot - Black
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Alocasia Tyrion stands out from other Alocasia because of it’s long stalks. Tyrion has large, glossy, green, heart-shaped leaves with wavy edges.  If you are searching for a plant to fill in a tall and skinny space in your home, Alocasia Tyrion is a great option.

  • FAQ about Caring for Alocasia Tyrion:
    • How to water an Alocasia?
      • Make sure to water your Alocasia weekly to ensure you are keeping it’s soil moist. A good rule of thumb is to let the top 2 inches of soil dry before watering (never let soil dry out fully).
    • Can you keep an Alocasia Tyrion outdoors?
      • Alocasia Tyrion is a tropical plant, so it does well outdoors in zones 10 and 11. If you live in other zones, depending on your climate, you can put your Alocasia Tyrion outdoors in bright indirect light and bring it indoors during colder months. Alocasia also do great indoors as long as their basic needs of proper lighting, watering, and humidity are met.
    • Can I mist my Alocasia?
      • Alocasia Tyrion is native to tropical regions of Asia so it does best in humid environments. If you don’t have a humidifier, your Alocasia will love getting misted as often as you’d like.
    • Does Alocasia need sun?
      • Alocasia Tyrion needs bright indirect lighting to thrive. If it is placed in direct sunlight, the leaves are at risk to burn.
    • What comes in the box?
      • One Alocasia 'Tyrion' in a 10" grow pot. Ceramic planter sold separately.