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Alocasia 'Regal Shield'

Alocasia 'Regal Shield'

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The Alocasia Regal Shield is a minimalist yet striking plant, sporting muted, smokey dark green-grey hues and prominent veins. As a medium-care plant, it requires a little extra TLC. Place it near a humidifier for the best success!  When it’s treated right, this Alocasia can reach heights of 4-5 feet at maturity, making it the perfect statement piece for your home! 

  • FAQ about Alocasia Regal Shield:
    • What are the Alocasia Regal Shield indoor care requirements?
      • Place your Alocasia Regal Shield in the brightest location you can muster indoors. Two of the most important factors: Don’t overwater and provide extra humidity. You should only rewater your plant when the first 1-2 inches of soil are dry. Indoors, a humidifier isn’t optional for this plant. Misting can cause leaf diseases, so it’s your best bet to increase your environment to 65-80% humidity!
    • What is the Alocasia Regal Shield hardiness?
      • The ideal temperature for your plant is 70-80 degrees. If your zone dips below 59 degrees, you need to bring your plant inside!
    • What comes in the box? 
      • One Alocasia 'Regal Shield' in a 10" grow pot. Ceramic planter sold separately.