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Alocasia odora 'California'

Alocasia odora 'California'

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10" Grow Pot - Black
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Alocasia California, also known as an Elephant Ear, has very large, glossy, green, heart-shaped leaves with wavy edges. This specific Alocasia grows from 6” to as tall as a small tree in size - ours is approximately 48" tall! If you are searching for a dramatic and very unique indoor plant Alocasia California is a great choice.

  • FAQ about Caring for Alocasia California:
    • How do you care for an Alocasia California plant?
      • Alocasia Californias need bright, but indirect light. This is due to the plant's natural habitat, on the forest floor beneath the tree canopy. Direct sun will cause the leaves to burn, so avoid placing your Alocasia in a spot where it'll be exposed to direct sun for a prolonged period. As for watering, Alocasias prefer their soil a little on the drier side, so make sure you only water your plant when the top of the soil is dry.
    • Is Alocasia an indoor plant?
      • Alocasia California can only live outdoors in zones 10 and 11, so if you live in another zone, you’ll have to keep your Alocasia indoors. You’ll need to ensure your Alocasia has bright indirect light, regular waterings, and humidity from a humidifier or regular mistings for it to thrive inside.
    • Does an Alocasia need sun?
      • Alocasia California needs bright, indirect light. Avoid placing your Alocasia in direct sun so the leaves don’t burn.
    • What comes in the box?
      • One Alocasia odora 'California' in a 10" grow pot. Ceramic planter sold separately.