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All About Adenium obesum 'Desert Rose Plant'

Posted on December 11 2022

No two Desert Rose Plants are the same. Their twisting, tangling “legs” grow in a way that makes each perfectly unique. The added bonus? The tubular, frilly flowers that arrive in the Spring-Fall. Keep your Adenium obesum happy, and it will keep the blooms coming! If you’re worried about how to care for a Desert Rose, rest assured that they are perfect for the slightly neglectful plant parent. Less is more with these tree-like succulents!

Meet Your Match:

    • Nickname: Desert Rose 
    • About the Family: The Adenium obesum is a relative of other Adenium varieties, like the Adenium arabicum.
    • Understanding the Family Tree: Apocynaceae (Family), Adenium (Genus), Adenium obesum (Species).
    • Hometown: Africa.

    How to Care for Desert Rose Plants:

      • Watering: Allow the soil to dry out. Water every 2-3 weeks during the growing season; 3-4 weeks during dormancy.
      • Humidity: Average-High.
      • Soil: Well-draining soil.
      • Fertilizer: Use a balanced fertilizer, diluted to half strength monthly during the growing season.
      • Environment: Indoors, keep your Desert Rose in bright indirect light and temperatures above 60 degrees.
      • Propagation: Stem cutting.
      • Toxicity: The plant’s sap is extremely poisonous. Wear gloves while handling.

      The Best Unboxing Practices:

        Properly caring for your newly unboxed Desert Rose plants for the first week of its new life is crucial to the extended wellness of your plant. Follow these practices to get the best results:
          • Watering: Exotic Forest ships freshly watered plants. Do not water your Desert Rose until it exhibits the proper signs.
          • Repotting: Do not immediately repot your plant, which would likely result in shock and leaf-loss. Allow it to acclimate to its new environment for at least one week. 
          • Lighting: Place your Desert Rose in filtered, low light for a few days to acclimate. Relocate your Desert Rose plants to your desired location that fits its care needs afterward. Do not ever place a freshly un-boxed plant in direct sun.

          What You’re Getting:

          • You will receive a carefully selected, quality evaluated 8” diameter plant, based on your selection. All Exotic Forest plants are rooted and thriving. 

          What Makes Us Special:

          • Shipment Methods: Plants are precious, and we want yours to arrive safely! We ship our plants via UPS, with a maximum of 4-day shipping. 
          • Our Packing: Have you received ‘squished’ plants from other companies? Our solution to this common issue is bamboo stakes and biodegradable packing peanuts (starch), which securely holds your plant in place during shipment. 
          • Chemical-free: We are committed to keeping our plants and customers safe. We never treat our plants with chemical pesticides. 
          • Quality Standards: Exotic Forest strives to meet stringent quality standards and evaluates each plant we resource from our nursery. Pest-free, healthy plants are a requirement!
          • Customer Service: Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are experiencing issues with or have questions about how to care for your Adenium obesum 'Desert Rose Plant', reach out to us at or via our social media accounts. Are you tired of receiving pre-written responses? We believe that plant parents want to talk to people, not robots. A knowledgeable team member reads and replies to each individual concern: no cookie-cutter answers here!
          • Returns: While we do not accept returns at this time, you can contact us at with photos of your plant and receipt to discuss the specific plant care issues you’re experiencing with your denium obesum 'Desert Rose Plant' and possible resolutions.
          • Your Personal Plant-Care Resource: Do you love your new addition? We couldn’t be happier! Join our mailing list to receive exclusive offers, updates, and care tips.

          FAQ about How to Care for Desert Rose Plants:

            • What is a Desert Rose plant? The Desert Rose plant is a type of succulent, which stores water in its trunk and branches.
            • How long do I have to wait for my Desert Rose to bloom? Your plant’s blooming cycle is the Spring-Fall. Care for it properly, and it will continue to provide you with blossoms. Can’t get yours to “do it’s thing”? Remember to fertilize it regularly and provide it with an abundance of indirect light. Placing your Desert Rose outdoors during the hottest part of the summer will also encourage it to bloom.
            • How to maintain a Desert Rose plant? Desert Rose plants are easy to maintain and thrive on neglect. When you water, drench the soil; but don’t water very frequently. Provide your plant with bright, indirect light, and fertilize during the Spring-Summer. 

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