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11 Flowering Indoor Plants You’ll Love

Posted on June 10 2021

11 Flowering Indoor Plants You’ll Love

There are few things as inviting and eye-catching as fresh flowers in your home, but when you’re replacing dying bouquet after dying bouquet, the appeal can quickly lose its charm. However, there are countless house plants you can bring into your life that will last as long as you care for them and provide just as many blooms as you had with the fresh cut flowers you kept before.

Here are our top eleven flowering indoor plants you’ll love!

Philippine Ground Orchid

It seems only fitting that the first on our list of flowering plants is an orchid, a household favorite around the world. However, its lily-like leaves and groups of small purple or pink flowers shows that the Spathoglottis plicata is far from your normal orchid. These flowers can last throughout the season and be replaced by others in its stead, but may require higher humidity indoors to do so.

Rattlesnake Prayer Plant

While the ever-popular Calathea lancifolia is best known for its striking foliage, this species is also one to flower indoors on the right occasion! Most flowers are found to reach upright through the foliage and open into a vibrant orange or white bloom. However, because this plant calls the understory of Brazilian rainforests and jungles home, it’s incredibly difficult to replicate the conditions to see this species flower at home.

Crown of Thorns

We’re going to let you in on a secret: what appears to be flowers on the Euphorbia milii are not actually flowers but brightly colored bracts this plant developed to attract pollinators over millions of years of evolution! These “blooms” are often red or white in color and are popular within indoor plant parents because they bloom almost all year long without any additional accommodations.

Hindu Rope

There are hundreds of species of Hoya, but the Hoya carnosa ‘compacta’ is one of the few that is grow not only for the rare way its foliage grows, but also for the incredible clusters of flowers it can grow. These spherical groups of flowers pop up along each vine and often resemble little pink or white stars. Its often said that once these blooms open, they smell just like chocolate.

Desert Rose

If you have ever wondered what a bonsai tree may look like if it were covered in flowers, then the Adenium obesum may be just the plant for you. Originally from the dry environments of the sub-Saharan Desert and southwestern Africa, these small trees are often groomed, trained, and cultivated indoors for their thick, striking trunk and stems dappled with red, pink, or white flowers, even in the less humid indoors.

Velvet Plant

There are very few houseplants whose flowers almost pale in comparison to the beautiful of its leaves, but the Vynura aurantiaca would be one of them. This low maintenance plant is most known for the velvety, almost iridescent purple fuzz covering the surface, but the occasional yellow-orange blooms it puts out look just as wonderful, especially against such a dark background.

Bromeliad Intenso Pink

We couldn’t exactly create a list about indoor plants that grow gorgeous flowers without including at least one Bromeliad, now could we? The Bromeliad vriesea ‘Intenso Pink’ has an especially fun flower because its almost hot pink hue can last for up to six months if give the right amount of love! While yes, this plant will only flower once in its lifetime, it’s a beautiful site to behold when it does!

Burgundy Rubber Tree

Would it surprise you to know that the Ficus elastica, a tree loved by both brand new and seasoned plant parents alike, is also one to grow the sweetest, petite little blooms under the right conditions? The Rubber Tree is related to the species that produces figs, so these tiny flowers can give way to fruit when given enough space and the perfect conditions to grow in.

Silver Vase Plant

If you’ve ever considered bringing a Bromeliad home to add to your collection, but wanted something a little more visually interesting, then you’re looking for the Aechmea fasciata. As a member of the same family, this plant’s structure bears a striking resemblance to your usual Bromeliad. However, it’s the stripey white variegation on its thick leaves, paired with the bright pink blooms it maintains nearly year-round make it a one-of-a-kind houseplant.

Medinilla Royal Glow

We couldn’t possibly make a list of our favorite flowering house plants without including the rare and beautiful Medinilla magnifica ‘Royal Glow.’ This member of the orchid family has had its fair share of fame, with its likeness even being printed on money in Belgium because of how prized it was by conservatories. One look at the pink blooms as they effortless drape over the side and you’ll understand why!

Medallion Calathea

As rare as it may be to see this plant bloom inside, the Calathea veitchiana is a gorgeous and somewhat common houseplant to care for indoors. Originally from locations around the world like the Amazon Rainforest, this Calathea variety is another unique plant that features the interesting dark to light green patterns on the tops of the leaves while the purplish-burgundy coats the underside. While this plant often only flowers indoors in botanic gardens, its tiny white blooms are a sight to behold.

Honorable Mentions

While each of these stunning houseplants and their flowers are show-stopping in their own way, we couldn’t help but still think about a couple other species that almost got onto this list. First would be the famous Monstera deliciosa, or Swiss Cheese Plant because although its flowers are rare indoors, their fruit is just as popular as its iconic leaves. There is also the common Hedera helix that doesn’t often flower inside; however, when you see their spherical, light green floral clusters out in nature, you won’t soon forget them!

Have you ever considered whether or not you prefer indoor plants for their foliage or for their flowers? Knowing this will help you fill your home with the perfect plants for you and your lifestyle! Check out our wide variety of exotic and unique houseplants and read through our other helpful blogs to learn more about growing your favorite indoor plants!

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